Summer Love! Great Styles for Spring & Summer 2011

On May 25, 2011 by Danyel Nicole

Break-up with your outdated, winter hair blahs and checkout these love-at-first-sight spring and summer looks!

Glamour, Spring’s 5 Best New Hair Looks

“Soft Waves” seen in Glamour

Whether you want soft goddess-like waves, retro swingy and straight, or the messy rockstar look, the keys to having great hair this summer: strong, healthy, and manageable.  Getting the long looks featured in Glamour Magazine’s Spring’s 5 Best New Hair Looks is easy regardless of your current hair length and condition.

Glamour, "Spring's 5 Best New Hair Looks"

“Swingy and Straight” …notice the middle part?

If you’ve ever wondered how movie stars are seen on the red carpet with a short bob style cut and the next day with long flowing waves, think extensions.  Extensions are a great way to go from short to long or filling in thin hair for achieving the long, flowing, glamorous goddess look.

After the long harsh winter, most of us suffer from dry, dead ends.  This is the perfect time for a trim and a professional conditioning treatment, if not a whole new cut and color. Unruly curls and waves, as well as damaged and frizzy hair benefit greatly from Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments.  Brazilian Blowout has a new plant-derived formula that still offers the same porous cuticle sealing effects that add shine and strength, as well as manageability, lasting up to 3 months.

Glamour's "A-List Love: Dip-Dye Hair"

Hilary Swank’s sun-kissed look

Wondering what to do about color?  Dip-Dyeing is an A-list favorite this summer.  Remember how your hair looked at the end of each summer when you were growing up?  Gradual lightening to the ends is a great way to achieve that natural, sun-kissed look, like Hilary Swank at the SAG Awards.  If this color change seems a bit too dramatic, try a more subtle color on the ends and add highlights.  For more examples of dip-dyed A-listers, see A-List Love: Dip-Dye Hair in Glamour Magazine.


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